Wedding coach - "London double-decker bus"

The historic, English Double-decker bus – unique to Salzburg

How about a trip to probably the most beautiful wedding venue in the world - the wedding hall in the Marble Room of Mirabel Palace - with our historic English Double-decker bus built in 1965? A guaranteed eye-catcher and un unforgettable experience for all those involved. On request, the bus can of course also be decorated with the names of the bridge and groom.

The bus has a capacity of 61 people and is equipped with tables on the top deck, a stereo system with a microphone and several cooling facilities for drinks, amongst other things. The most beautiful day of your life could not begin in a more nostalgic way. Of course, we are more than happy to pick up members of the wedding party after the marriage ceremony and then take them to a destination of your choice.

Wedding Kutsche Londonbus
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