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Salzburg is the capital city of the province of the same name, with its 150,000 inhabitants it is the fourth largest city in Austria and offers many attractions. One of the most famous sights in Salzburg is the charming old city. It is gem for art and architecture lovers and has both a fascinating history as well as a dazzling array of cultural events. In addition, the city center offers its guests a huge variety of shopping opportunities and plenty to offer in the catering and hospitality industry - from rustic inns to the five-star luxury hotels. Salzburg is also world famously known as "the city of Mozart." The unparalleled genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart helps to give the city its unique charm which is confirmed visually by its wonderful geographical location at the foot of the Mönchs¬berg (Monks Mountain) alongside the River Salzach, one of the mountain rivers in the central Alps. Take a further and look at what the city of Mozart has to offer!

The city of Salzburg and its surrounding area offer a variety of attractions for your vacation. Our experienced “Salzburg Highlights” team will present you with the most beautiful sights in and around Salzburg.

Salzburg offers unique highlights for your holiday. On this page you will find an overview of Salzburg\'s famous sights, cultural attractions and best offers. No matter how long your holiday in Salzburg takes and what time of year it takes place - you can always choose from a wide variety of opportunities, destinations and attractions in Salzburg.

The main landmark of the city of Salzburg and one of its most famous sights is the Fortress (known locally as “Hohensalzburg”). For 900 years this castle has towered majestically over the roofs of the old city of Salzburg. You will experience many unique moments in the imposing medieval atmosphere. You should not miss out on a visit to a “Salzburg Fortress Concert” and you can also combine this with a dinner at the panorama restaurant in the Fortress. Enjoy magnificent views from the Concert Hall over the city, perhaps even in combination with a beautiful sunset. After the concert, the city will lay sparkling at your feet.

Another equally splendid landmark in Salzburg is the Palace of Hellbrunn situated on the outskirts of the city. In the beautiful palace gardens, you will find the world-famous trick water fountains next to the magnificent Palace and the original Pagoda from the film “Sound of Music” and directly next door is Salzburg Zoo. Hellbrunn Palace can be reached with the Salzach River Cruises - an experience that will thrill you and your party. During the Advent season it is doubly worth a trip to Hellbrunn: to be enchanted by the magic of Advent in the Christmas market which is full of style and charm.

Salzburg, the city of Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg in 1756. This where he wrote his first masterpieces. Salzburg offers a wide range of attractions and highlights about Mozart and the city’s culture that you should not miss. Just like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the Salzburg Festival is world renowned - and tickets for the festival are in hot demand. Let yourself be enchanted by the first class culture in the Festival Hall - with the Ticket & Hotel Service office make your dream a reality!

In the Puppet Museum, experience the highlights of the history of Salzburg with the "Sound of Music" and "Mozart on Tour" which are represented by the most beautiful puppets through performances of the famous Salzburg Marionette Theatre. The museum is located in the Princes Cellar of Salzburg Fortress. Make sure you plan a visit to this attraction in the Fortress.

If you visit Salzburg during the Advent season, you will experience the wonderful and festively illuminated city with its many attractions. The Christmas Markets and Christmas concerts are among the finest in the world – you will be enthralled!

Salzburg is prepared for every holiday with a variety of attractions and sights. We offer vacation experiences such as the Salzach Riverboat cruise, food and wine theme cruises, a trip with our historical London double-decker bus, the “Best of Mozart Concerts” in the Fortress, festival tickets, hotels and much more all from one place.

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