Mozart & Culture

Salzburg is the birth place of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, it was here where he lived and composed his first masterpieces. Follow the footsteps of Mozart in Salzburg.

A holiday in Salzburg without Mozart is almost unimaginable. The city of Salzburg is proud of its great son. During a walk through Salzburg, you encounter statues of Mozart, the birthplace of Mozart and the residence of Mozart. The most famous statue of Mozart is situated on Mozart square, in the middle of Salzburg’s Old Town. It was unveiled in 1842 and is positioned opposite the Old Residence and cathedral.

It isn’t just buildings which testify to Mozart’s legacy in the town of Salzburg. His musical works continue to live on today. In the repertoire of the Salzburg Festival, Mozart’s music annually comprises a large share. You can encounter even more of Mozart’s legacy during one of 300 annual Best of Mozart Fortress Concerts. In the medieval surroundings of Salzburg Fortress, you hear the most beautiful pieces of the child prodigy. Enquire also about the special, all-inclusive Mozart prices offered by Salzburg Highlights. These guarantee you diverse experiences and memories of the musical genius of Salzburg that is Mozart.

Walk upon the traces of Mozart through Salzburg. Thanks to the innumerable offers provided by Salzburg Highlights, you can enjoy all the attractions in Salzburg relating to the world-famous musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Click here to see an overview of all Sightseeing and boat tours in Salzburg.