Marionettenmuseum - World of Puppets Museum

Salzburg Marionette Museum - little stars in the castle

In the Prince’s cellars of Salzburg Fortress is a unique museum. Delve into the fabulous world of puppets.

The magical puppets in the cellars of the Prince of Salzburg Fortress will hold you and your family in awe. Many historic puppets of the world famous Salzburg Marionette Theatre and Marionette Museum are on display in Salzburg Fortress. You can see, for example, the "Sound of Music", a world with famous opera, which has for years been very successfully presented by the Salzburg Marionette Theater. To see something like Papageno and Papagena in Mozarts "Magic Flute", a stage is especially dedicated to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and gives some idea of how Amadeus Mozart used travel. A special attraction is also the stage, showing the fortress and farmers as part of the peasant uprising in 1525. Furthermore, the puppets are available in the shop as well as a photo wall with pictures for your memories. Experience this unforgettable journey into the past. In addition to the puppets of course, are a wide range of souvenirs, DVDs, videos, postcards etc.

Put your skills to the test in the puppet play. Imagine yourself as a puppeteer. You will not soon forget this experience; the little characters come to life in your hands and perform funny dances for you.

Combine your visit to the Salzburg Marionette Museum with a guide or a first class concert in the Fortress. You can also feast on the premises in the Fortress restaurants and Tavern in the historic Great Hall with a unique selection of local and international delicacies. After a visit to the Puppet Museum, of course, a visit to the Salzburg Marionette Theatre fits perfectly into your program. As a highlight we can recommend operas like "The Sound of Music" or the "Magic Flute", these shows are a great attraction for the public. For tickets, your wish is our command in the "Ticket Shop & Salzburg Hotel Services" in the center of the city. The Salzburg Marionette Museum is an interesting and memorable holiday entertainment for all ages. Visit this special attraction in a medieval setting.



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