Experience a unique highlight in Salzburg
Celebrate just like the archbishops in the 18th and 19th century – for groups exceeding 25 people

The archbishops knew how to host large parties and where else celebrate them in an impressive manner but on Salzburg fortress, the former residence of several archbishops. Travel back in time with us, eat like the archbishops.

The closest confidant of the archbishop shall host your evening with a lot of humour, and shall familiarise you with the customs and rituals of the archbishops. Of course, we also have several surprises prepared for you, and at the end of the event, the castellan will truly see to it, that all the guests leave the fortress. As wished by the archbishop.

Menu of the Archbishop's round table


  • Terrine of wild boar and poultry with a mixed berry sauce served with fresh bread
  • Cream soup with caraway, served from a copper pot

Main dishes served in a copper pot and set up on the table

  • Duck flavored with domestic herbs
  • Hearty pig’s tuft roast with dark sauce
  • Pike-perch in root-vegetable court-bouillon
  • Game goulash from the archiepiscopal hunt
  • Finger-shaped noodles, dumplings, roast potatoes
  • Carrot-vegetable mix, Brussel sprouts with bacon

Sweet delicacies

  • Fried pastry with fruit puree


  • Well-tolerated schnaps

Price per person: € 52,-- (from 25 persons)

excl. drinks, incl. aperitif, incl. costumes for the three honorees & fortress funicular (ascent and descent)

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