The Salzburg Salt Mine Salzburg salt mine

Salzburg owes its name to the salt mining and salt-trade. Some of the salt mines around Salzburg date back as early as 600 BC. It's the 'White Gold', that made Salzburg a very wealthy city in its time. It was the salt trade profits, that enabled the archbishops to build their churches, cathedrals and palaces.

Salzburg's geological position was ideal for trade. Directly at the border of the river Salzach, which in turn ends up in the great river Danube, that stretches West to East through central Europe. The Salzburg salt mines were also situated near rivers, which made the salt transport to the city fast and relatively easy for the time.

The oldest active salt mine around Salzburg

The salt mine in Berchtesgaden is one of the oldest, still active salt mines in Europe. Mining activities date back to 1517 AD. Since 2007, a unique visitor experience was created for tourists. With light shows, miner's slides (kids will love it) and a 'Salt Cathedral', to name a few of the highlights. A visit to the Salzburg salt mines is a must for every visitor in Salzburg.

The Salzburg Salt Mine Tour - all arranged for you

the Salzburg salt mine tour offers a unique and adventurous subterranean experience and guided tour through the salt mine in Berchtesgaden, just over the border in Bavaria. Every vistor gets dressed up in an overall, since it's quite chilly in the Salzburg salt mine, that lies under the the so-called 'Salzberg'. Also, an overall prevents salt stains on your clothes.

We offer guided tours, including transportation to and from the salt mine. The guided tour through the salt mine itself lasts approx. one hour and afterwards there's plenty of time left to visit the picturesque town of Berchtesgaden. A good time to enjoy some bavarian specialties. the total duration of the salt mine tour is approx. 4 Hours, including transportation to and from Berchtesgaden.

We can accomodate larger groups too, just give us a call so we can arrange that for you.