A visit to the Eagle’s Nest is one Highlight you cannot miss during your Salzburg vacation. The ‘Kehlsteinhaus’, which is the original name of the imposing building, was built by Hitler’s secretary as a birthday present. We offer well-organized, guided Eagle’s Nest tours from Salzburg to Berchtesgaden and back.

The Obersalzberg and the Eagle’s Nest

The Obersalzberg was Hitler’s mountainside retreat sitting just above the market town of Berchtesgaden, located close to the Germany-Austria border. It is known best for hosting Adolf Hitler’s mountain residence, the Berghof and the Third Reich-era building atop the summit – the Eagle’s Nest. You might however also recognize it as the filming location of the last scenes of the movie The Sound of Music when the von Trapps were escaping to their freedom.

The Obersalzberg and Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest remain two of Germany’s most stunning places to visit – the phenomenal salt mines that made the area rich and after which it was named, the breathtaking view of the German-Austrian Alps and lakes and the uniquely captivating and enchanting landscapes merged with the historical significance of the Kehlsteinhaus cannot be overlooked or ignored.

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Salzburg Highlights, the one-stop shop for the most beautiful holiday experiences organizes guided tours to Obersalzberg and Hitler’s Eagles Nest as part of their Eagles Nest Tours from Salzburg.

Start of the Eagle’s Nest Tour

Salzburg Highlight’s round trip takes you from Mirabellplatz ( home to the beautiful flowers bloom adjoining the palace) over the Deutsche Alpenstrasse (German Alpine Way) whose circuitous curves wind upwards into and through Bavarian Alps, across the German border, with views of the old city of Salzburg, Hellbrunn Castle and the Konigsee River Valley on the way to Berchtesgaden.

Berchtesgaden and the steep Kehlsteinstraße

In Berchtesgaden, you’ll drive along the over 70-year-old road after being transferred to specially modified buses that can handle the 800 meters altitude difference and 22% gradient of this route which connects to a 6.5 km (3.9 mile) long, 4m wide winding road known as Kehlsteinstrasse. Kehlsteinhaus and Kehlsteinstrasse are projects constructed by Martin Bormann and presented to Hitler on his 50th birthday in 1939.

Enter the Eagle’s Nest

To complete the final leg of the trip to the Eagle’s Nest, proceed inside the 124 meter long tunnel into the mountain and ride in the 124m long lift which gives an impressive view in fair weather.

At the Kehlsteinhaus, wander the site, learning the history behind it as you go along with your guide. Take in the incredible panorama at 5,000 feet (1,524 meters) above ground and capture views of the Bavarian and Austrian Alps; views of the Austrian countryside and amazing alpine fauna and flora while outside or enjoy the tour inside. View the conference room with the famous marble stove gift from Mussolini to Hitler, the dining room, the guard room and Eva Braun’s tea room.

After the Tour

You can also enjoy a cup of coffee or a light lunch in the mountain restaurant amidst the Bavarian Alps during the one-hour stay or, after the Eagle’s Nest, visit the charming town of Berchtesgaden for lunch. 

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