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Send your personal memories to three of your friends!

Does anyone dream of being a Knight or a Lady?
In the world famous puppet museum in the Fortress of Salzburg it is possible!
Slip into the role of a puppet and 2 minutes later you will have a first class photo in a high quality cover.
And as a bonus, you also have the ability to send photos via e-mail to your loved ones at home.
This will certainly leave you with an unforgettable experience!

Instructions to send photos:

1. Type in your photo code number and click on the "ok" button underneath

2. Now you can see your photo. To send it via email to 3 email addresses, click the "E-Card" button underneath

3. This will open your default email browser in a new window with the link to your image

4. Type in three email addresses of your choice in the "To" field and you will immediately share your fortress experience with your friends and family at home!

Have fun with your souvenir marionette photo from the "World of Marionettes".

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